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Doodle Trip

On Your Own

  • We sort out all the boring stuff like hotel bookings, flights, visa applications, etc.
  • We get you from point A to point B. Our HOT (Head of Trip) guy/girl will handle everything for you.
  • We plan your journey for you, especially when you’re travelling to several countries. With our expert knowledge of the region, we will help you plan the best routes.
  • We plan your daily itineraries. We sort out the best places to visit, best times to visit and may even include in VIP access and line skipping.
  • No longer have to sweat the small stuff like the nearest restroom, nearest ATM or locating the pharmacy. Our HOT guy/girl and local tour guide has it all covered!
  • We will make sure we get you the best prices for accomodation, transportation and activities with the networks established with our affiliates across the region.
  • Going through the headache of pre-planning and booking in your already busy schedule.
  • Running the risk of being cheated, having to deal with driver’s punctuality (or lack thereof), and locating meeting/pick up point. You might even have to share a seat!
  • Doing your own research, from border crossings to visas. You don’t want to end up taking the longer and costlier route.
  • Having to do your own research without insider knowledge and contacts.
  • Navigating foreign lands and foreign languages without the luxury of a roaming signal or local knowledge.
  • Putting time and effort into bargain hunting – you may not have the networking to get you the best prices possible.