We spotted another Malaysian female traveller with great travel tales. We came across Vivian, aka MissHappyFeet when reading one of her travel articles online. After some research, we knew we had to feature this lady who is self-diagnosed with a chronic case of “itchy feet”.

Getting to know Vivian Lee

Vivian currently resides in Russia where she is pursuing a medical degree. She is born in Penang and has been travelling her entire life. Spot many well-written and interesting write ups by Vivian on The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Matador Network, just to name a few.

We got hold of her and asked these questions. Let’s get to know Vivian Lee, the student/ writer/ traveller, a little better.


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What was your last travel destination. And why would you go back?

My last travel destination? France! Stepping into a whole new world where people greet you bonjour instead of Hi and hello, eating exquisite pastries for breakfast, sipping coffee after lunch and a good wine after dinner, running through the lavender fields surrounded by bees, chateau-hopping… I enjoyed the slow life in France; hence I am definitely planning to go back, perhaps with my parents next time.

Garden, Garden and Garden after Gardens and then a little bit of palace. A nice retreat from the city of Paris.

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What is the one Asian destination yet to be checked off your bucket list? How long till it becomes a reality?

China. God knows.


Best travel advice given to you.

Eat local, try specialities.

Cheese fondue in Switzerland, checked!

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3 must-haves when you travel.

My iPhone with all my favorite travel apps, camera with a mini camera stand, a bottle of still water.


What is the one thing/place you would recommend to someone visiting Malaysia for the first time?

Don’t stick to the obvious tourist path.

Go to places like Terengganu and Kelantan to discover wonders off the guide books.

Next, don’t be afraid to eat your way throughout.


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We will be watching Vivian’s blog and social media closely for a picture of her at the Great Wall of China!

Follow all her travel tales on her blog at MissHappyFeet and keep an eye out for all her travel articles.


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Till our next write up, here’s Vivian doing what she does best. Making every moment count!


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Do you have any travellers in mind that you would like to get to know? Comment below.