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6 Country Balkan Tour (13 days 11 nights) | Muslim Tour

What’s Included

  • Economy class return flight ticket include oil surcharges and all aviation taxes.
  • 4-star hotel accommodation (refer to the hotel list is offered).
  • City tax in Athens, Dubrovnik and Zagreb.
  • Breakfast at hotel, lunch and dinner suitable for Muslims throughout the trip.
  • Free Ohrid Lake Cruise cruises worth EUR30 per person.
  • Admission tickets to: Acropolis of Athens, Tunnel of Hope, Vrelo Bosne, Srebrenica Memorial Gallery and Plitvice Lakes National Park.
  • Air-conditioned coach bus throughout the trip
  • An experienced English-speaking tour operator service throughout the tour.
  • Tips for tour guides and tour bus drivers.
  • Accompanied by trained professional tour leader from Malaysia (Malay/ English speaking)


What’s Excluded

  • Travel insurance – please contact us for appropriate travel insurance advice and purchase services.
  • Additional surcharges for the price offered during festive times, summits and school holidays (if any are stated in the departure date).
  • Additional hotel services include laundry, snacks and mini bar and porter service if not provided.
  • Meals, tour tickets and excursions other than those specified in the program.
  • Additional charges for extra baggage limit.
  • Other things other than those specified in the program and packages include.




President Hotel @ equivalent


Hotel Antoniadis @ equivalent


Mirage Hotel @ equivalent


Hotel Ramada @ equivalent


Adria Hotel @ equivalent


Hotel Mepas @ equivalent


Hotel Hollywood @ equivalent


Hotel Kostelski Buk @ equivalent


Hotel Aristos @ equivalent






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RM 10,390

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RM 7,390

RM 6,890


RM 8,990

RM 10,190


RM 7,990

RM 9,190

RM 7,390

RM 6,490

RM 6,090




Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) for flights to Athens located in Greece via Doha. On arrival at Athens Airport, guests will be taken to the shopping at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet where guests have the opportunity to shop for designer brands such as Versace, alvatore Ferragamo, Polo, Guess and much more at a fairly discountable price. Lunch at the restaurant before guests are photographed at the Panathenaic Stadium which is where the Ancient Olympic was built in the year 144 M, The Old Royal Palace, which is now used as a member of the Greek parliament in session and see the ceremonial exchange of soldiers in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, while crossing the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Presidential Mansion. Dinner at the restaurant and head to the hotel for relaxation.

Breakfast at hotel. Start a tour around the historic city of this Greek civilization by visiting the pretty, historic Acropolis of Athens on a hill in the middle of the city. Guests have the opportunity to take pictures with Greek remains like the Parthenon built in 432 BC devoted to the goddess Athena controlling the city of Athens, Propylaia, which is the entrance to the city of Acropolis, Erechtheion which was completed in 406 BC and Temple of Athena Nike was built in 420 BC.

After lunch, guests will have access to the Athens area of Syntagma Square, Plaka and Monastiraki where guests can also see the impression of the Ancient Agora of Athens. also the Fethiye Mosque which is now a museum while buying souvenirs. Dinner and come back to the hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel, guests will be taken to the well-known Kalambaka area with a monastery on the hilltop, as if to see Babylon. Lunch on arrival and then guests will be taken to approach some of the monasteries including the oldest and largest, the Great Meteoron Monastery. Guests will also be taken to some place interesting enough to take pictures of the scenery of this area called Meteora. Then guests are free to go sightseeing in Kalambaka town and have a chance to buy local produce especially honey bee. Dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and check-in.

Depart into Macedonia (FYROM) after breakfast at the hotel. Upon arrival in the city of Bitola, guests will be taken to visit some of the historic buildings there, especially the effects of the Ottoman Empire’s relics such as the Yeni Mosque built in 1558 with a 40m tall tower now an art gallery, The 30m Clock Tower was built in 1830, taking pictures on Magnolia Square, past the Ataturk Museum which was once an Ottoman army college and a prayer at the Ishak Celebi Mosque built earlier in 1506. Leave for Ohrid after lunch and visit Haji Turgut Mosque is the oldest mosque here was built in 1466, Zeynel Abedin-Pasha Mosque built in the 17th century which houses the tomb of the Emir of Ohrid and ratings given free time to explore Cinar Square and Old Bazaar Street. Then guests will be taken by special private boats to the beautiful Ohrid Lake, which looks like an ocean to the hotel and dinner.

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Tirana, the capital of Albania, a small Muslim majority newly separated from the grip of the Communist government in 1992. Guests still have the opportunity to pray at the Ethem Bey Mosque after lunch built in the 18th century but with His permission not destroyed by the Communist government. In addition, guests can take a photo at the Turkish built-in Clock Tower of Tirana in 1811 as high as 35m and beyond the Pyramid of Tirana, National History Museum and also the Skanderberg Square with the sculpture of Skanderbeg Monument.

Heading to the city of Bar in Montenegro country, dinner and prayers at the Islamic Cultural Center upon arrival. Heading to Podgorica and hotel check-in.

After breakfast at the hotel, heading to Budva city to visit the attractions found in the Old Town of Budva, located on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, was built in the Venetians such as the Citadel which is now used as a theater, the Church of St. Ivan and enjoy a beautiful view over St. Island Island Nikola. Next guests will be taken to a beautiful city but it does not match its name, Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guests will be taken to see historical monuments within the Old Town Kotor such as the Cathedral of St. Triphon built in 1166, Pima Palace built in the 17th century, the Sea Gate of 1555, the Watch Tower, the Square of Arms and the Pillar of Shame. Lunches and trips will continue to Dubrovnik, located within Croatia. Upon arrival, guests will be taken to take pictures of a panoramic view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik which is quite a pleasure while waiting for sunset at the end of the Adriatic Ocean. This beauty factor has led Dubrovnik to be called the “Pearl of the Adriatic” by tourists. Dinner in the restaurant and head to the hotel inn.

Breakfast at the hotel and tours on this day continues with the Old Town of Dubrovnik to see tourist attractions there such as the Rector’s Palace which was once the city’s administrative palace between the 14th and 18th centuries, the Franciscan Church and Monastery built in 1360. However has been destroyed several times by the disaster, the Museum of Croatian War of Independence, Sponza Palace, the Clock Tower and Orlando’s Column depicting the 8th century Dubrovnik warrior located at Luza Square Stradun. Lunch in a restaurant and then left for Bosnia and Herzegovina enter the country with his first visit to Pocitelj, a village that was once the Ottoman government defense which traces of which can still be seen is Ali Pasha Mosque and Citadel located on the Hill of Pocitelj. Next the guests will be taken to see the source of the clear spring and captivate the view of the Buna River Spring in Blagaj and on the cliff is located a school of Sufi members Dervish Tekke. Heading to Mostar for dinner and check-in hotel.

After breakfast, guests will be taken to visit the magnificent Mostar with attractions such as Old Bridge Stari Most which is a tourism icon to the village and country, Tara and Halebija Towers that flank the bridge, the Karadoz Bey Mosque built in 1554 by the architects Mimar Sinan is one of the most beautiful mosques in the country, the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque built in 1618 and the Turkish Hammam which dates back to the 16th century since the Ottoman rule.

Guests will be given a free time to shop at Kujundziluk Old Bazaar which sells a wide range of local produce and souvenirs. Lunch and depart for Sarajevo. Upon arrival, then guests will be taken to visit the Tunnel of Hope, a house in which the Bosnian tunnel enters the Serbian enclosure over the city of Sarajevo for supplies and medicines during the Bosnian War. Check in hotel and dinner.

Breakfast at the hotel. Then head for the beautiful Vrelo Bosne park with trees planted along the Bosna River that flow into the park. Certainly many interesting photos you can record here. Next guests will be taken to the Bascarsija area or the Old Town Bazaar in the center of Sarajevo to shop for souvenirs while taking a photo at Sebilj, a wooden monument built in 1753, praying at Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque which is the largest mosque in the country built in 1530 in the Ottoman period, Sahat Kula, a clock tower built as early as the 17th century, Sacred Heart Cathedral is well-known for its construction and in front of it is one of the sites of Sarajevo Roses, the name given to the impact of a mortar bomb blast during the re-dimmed Bosnian War also took a photo at City Hall which is also called Vijecnica.

There was also a visit to a museum that contained evidence of Serbian army cruelty against the Bosnians during the early Bosnian War of the Srebrenica Memorial Gallery. Most of these museum exhibits revolve around the Srebrenica Massacre tragedy in which the assassination of more than 8,000 Bosnian people by Serbs at one time in a settlement that was supposed to be heavily guarded by UN troops from the Netherlands. Guests will be able to browse the atrocities and experience the pain they experienced through the photo, visuals and artifacts enshrined here. Leave home to Sarajevo hotel and have dinner.

Departure to the Ahmici village after breakfast at the hotel to visit the 116 Monument where the village was attacked by a Croatian army and killed 116 people. The President of Croatia has visited the monument as a sign of their regret. Heading to Travnik, which is one of the most important Ottoman city and upon arrival, guests will take a photo at the Plava Voda Springs or Blue Water flowing out of the Vlasic Mountain. Near the area is Elci-Ibrahim Pasina Medresa, an Ottoman school built in 1706 while also visiting Sarena Mosque which is said to be one of the most beautiful in the Balkans with colorful carvings and frescoes. Move towards Jajce famous for its beautiful natural view of Pliva Waterfalls which is as high as 27m. Lunch on the edge of the Great Pliva Lake before taking pictures at the unique Watermills Open Air Museum with 20 watermill houses on the Pliva River. Praying at Esma Sultanija Mosque built in 1753 before departing for Bihac. Dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and check-in.

Breakfast at the hotel and leave for Croatia to enjoy the natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park in parallel to the title given to it, the World of Heaven. National park area is quite beautiful with a stunning panorama of waterfalls and lakes where guests can scour a wooden bridge built along the lake, but also can gain experience on a boat trip down the lake. Get off to Zagreb and on arrival there, lunch and pray at the Zagreb Mosque built in 1987 on donations from the Sultan of Sharjah, one Emir of the UAE. Next guests will be brought in to the hotel check-in and have dinner in the restaurant.

Travel around the city of Zagreb after breakfast at the hotel. Guests will be taken to the famous Gornji Grad area with bricks and red-covered buildings. Here guests will be able to see the Lotrscak Tower built in the 13th century and used to ring the bell to close the city gate, the Church of St. Mark’s is famous for its colorful roof with Croatian official logo and Zagreb beside Kaptol Square surrounded by historic 17th-century buildings. Walk to Dolac Market for fresh fruit through the Krvavi Most (Bloody Bridge) area. Lunch at the restaurant and guests will be taken touring around the Ban Jelacic Square area which houses the Statue of Ban Josip Jelacic, a figure that liberates Croatia from Hungary. Guests can also go sightseeing and shopping around the Zagreb Downtown. Praying in the Zagreb Mosque before leaving for Zagreb Airport for a return flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).


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