Enter syazaliyana.com and a well arranged, composed, beautifully designed site welcomes you. Start reading her stories, and you will be reminded of the meaning to travel. Don’t stop there. Browse the gallery and the photos will take you into the mind of a “struggling wannabe nomad”, as Syazaliyana herself puts it.


Getting to know Syazaliyana

It was her photos that drew us in. Shazaliyana has a knack of  capturing the places she visits in vivid colours and telling a story with it. Destinations like Seoul, Las Vegas, Moscow, Melbourne and Cape Town have all had the opportunity to be her subjects, and the list goes on as she continues exploring. Besides her photograph, this Malaysian traveller also writes with charm. Try “Long Distance Relationship” for instance. Short and simple, she talks about how she misses travelling. We love how she is candid in her writing, which makes any reader feel like you are sitting next to her listening to her stories and sometimes just rants. And we all love a good random rant, once in awhile.



What was your last travel destination. And why would you go back?

Cameron Highlands. I went there for the first time -my birthday trip this year and I was completely amazed. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia and offers breathtaking views (and lots of flowers), definitely a happy place. I plan on returning to Cameron Highlands and hopefully next time I’ll stay longer. 


Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. From Syazaliyana.

What is the one Asian destination yet to be checked off your bucket list? How long till it becomes a reality?

I have so many dream destinations on my wish list but I would really love to visit Ladakh/Kashmir in India. They look beyond spectacular (on instagram). Not sure when I’ll go but hopefully next year 🙂

ps: I would also like to explore Gili Islands (and Mount Bromo and Cambodia and Osaka and the list goes on.. )


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Best travel advice given to you.

The best travel advice : Open your mind, respect other cultures and say hi to anyone you meet. Travelling is the best way to gain new experiences and perspective, understand different cultures, know that we are all different in beautiful ways and it’s also the best way to meet new friends.

doodletrip features_syazaliyana_guangzhou

Guang Zhou, China.
From Syazaliyana’s gallery.

3 must-haves when you travel.

– Camera

– A notebook, pens and markers

– Some hair ties ( i keep losing em)


Brighton, Australia.
From Syazaliyana’s gallery

What is the one thing/place you would recommend to someone visiting Malaysia for the first time?

Anyone who visits Malaysia must always try… cendol. That is all..



From Syazaliyana’s instagram


We are always supporting humble and hardworking nomads, and she is one of them. Show her some love on her site at syazaliyana.com and on instagram @syazaliyana. And we will remember to bring a pack of hair ties when we meet her next time, because we keep losing those rubbery things as well 😉

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