This month had its ups and downs. We found stories about honouring a cat and the inspiring Paralympic torch run. There’s also Ryan Higa’s airline commercial, Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary and more. Here’s a round up of some links we love for the month of September.


1 Photo: Tombili, Istanbul’s famous cat gets a commemorative statue

Tombili was known for his chilled out vibe. He’s always lounging and chilling in his common pose. Sadly, this Insta-famous cat passed away in August and many were heart broken. On World Animal Day, 4th of October, a local artist crafted a sculpture in memory of Tombili.



2 Video: Nepal, one year after the earthquake

This video beautifully captured the conditions in Nepal after the tragedy. It leaves you feeling not pitiful but in admiration of the strength and fighting spirit of the Nepalese.



3 Video: Ryan Higa’s honest airline commercial

This is a parody video of typical airline commercials that includes all your “favourite” features on a flight. Think cramped seats, delays, safety demonstrations and more. Watch it for a good laugh and you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement by the end of it.



4 Tweet: Inspiring Paralympic torch relay at the opening ceremony

You only need less than 30 seconds to be inspired! This video shows gold medalist Paralympian Marcia Malsar during the torch relay. She slipped, but got back up and soldiered on as the crowd roared in support.


5 Video: Leonardo DiCaprio climate change documentary on Nat Geo

After winning the Oscar, Leo is aiming for another win. This time for mother nature! Before The Flood was produced by DiCaprio himself with a few others. It explores the effects of climate change and what we can do to prevent it from getting worse.


6 Video: Crazy rooftopper girl

We still can’t fathom pulling a stunt like this, even in our dreams! Watch Angela walk on ledges of buildings and perform acrobatic poses on rooftops.


7 Video: Kids travelling the world, instead of schooling

This is a story of parents Paul and Caroline King. They educate their children with “global schooling”. They have travelled to 26 countries, from Bali, Egypt to Prague.



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