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About Us

Who we are?

At Doodle Trip, we believe that a map left unmarked is an adventure overlooked.
That’s why we want you to make your mark on the map with our bespoke travel itineraries.
Passionately designed by our Trip Doodlers, all local to Asia, each trip is made to ensure that you also uncover
the thrilling adventures that await you in our backyard.

Covering Asia, Australia and New Zealand, we provide 3 trip styles that will cater to your budget and needs,
leaving all the doodling to us so you can focus on your latest adventure.

We also know very well that it isn’t always about where you go, but who you go with,
so we also offer youth group trips for 18 to 35 year-olds that promise you lasting friendships and unforgettable memories
with impassioned travellers that will be just like you.

Making sure your time off with mates is fuss free, where all you need to worry about is which filter to use for your pictures,
we have HOT guys and girls at your service. They are the “Head of Trip”, who will be your guide and travel buddy throughout the adventure.


Know more about our trip styles





For the fearless wanderer travelling on a shoestring budget, this thrifty trip style is the perfect one for you. You will find yourself making new friends in cozy youth hostels and fully immersed in the sights, sounds and scents of the local culture as we explore our destination via public transport, private vehicles and low-cost airlines (inter city travelling).

Embodying the spirit of adventure, this trip style is free and easy – a less structured tour that gives you more time to explore at your on pace.


For the masterful traveler with a little extra to spend, this trip style is made just for you. Enjoy the best of both worlds as we merge the excitement of adventure with the allure of travel, giving you the simple pleasures of air- conditioned rooms, hot showers, swimming pools, and more for just a little extra dollar.

You will rest and unwind in affordable private rooms selected from a specially curated list of BnBs, serviced apartments, hostels, and hotels.This trip style also comes with more add-on activities so you can take part in those “once-in- a-llifetime” opportunities you would never get to at home.


For the lavish globetrotter who is prepared to splurge, this deluxe trip style has your name written all over it. Discover your latest destination in style and comfort with only private vehicles, trains and airlines (inter city travel). Lounge and luxuriate in only the best hotels, serviced apartments, and private villas.

And most importantly, relish in the VIP access, queue skipping and overall extravagance that comes with our luxe trip style. This itinerary also provides specially crafted activities like fine dining, yacht sailing and helicopter rides – dreamt up for those ready to go the whole nine yards.