We’ve all been there, guilty of #instaspamming our travel photos when we are on holiday. There is nothing wrong in sharing new places, new people and new culture to others. In fact, we highly recommend you to take and share travel photos. But let’s make sure those photos are absolutely amazing and totally “insta-envy” worthy. Here are our tips for amazing travel photos.


1 Research

When you are doing your research about the holiday destination, keep in mind of places or sights that can give you those “money shots”. If you want some good snaps of a new place, you’ll need to know where to get them. Best way to do this, is with Pinterest or Instagram. Look out for hashtags or just search the place you’re going to. Find out where others are taking their shots. By the end of it all, you will have a long list of places to visit and perfect spots for those awesome travel photos.

 travel photos research


2 Find the light

Sure, you’ve heard Tyra Banks say it. In this case, we are talking about finding the right light. So remember this: first hour of light after sunrise and last hour of light before sunset. The pros call this the “golden hour”, the best time of day for best lighting. This is when the sun is low and the light is not too harsh for pictures. Goes without saying that this applies to outdoor photography and especially for landscapes and cityscapes.

first hour of light after sunrise and last hour of light before sunset

View of Himalaya mountains from Pokhara


3 Editing

When it comes to editing, subtle changes makes a big difference. Especially if you’ve followed the steps above, your photos should not require too much editing. Just a little tweaking to suit your color scheme and your personal photo style will do. If you are editing on the go, you are most likely editing on your mobile. Here are our top picks for mobile photo editing apps: VSCO, Snapseed and AfterFocus. Quick tip: do not edit your photos on your mobiles under the sun or while wearing sunnies. As much as you’re tempted to edit the photos right then and there, the colours may look different. Edit photos in the shade without your shades.


4 Tell a story

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Look at your photo, can it tell a good story? If you find yourself staring long and hard at a photo, or getting lost in a beautiful snapshot. That photo is talking to you, it’s sharing with you more than what meets the eye. Even a simple shot can help you tell a cohesive travel story. Try capturing emotions, movement and find new angles for your photos.

tell a cohesive travel story

travel photos tips


5 Less is more

We all know that one person who takes pictures of everything, every time. A simple mistake we make is we try to take photos of everything when we are travelling. Then we end up using one tenth of them. Next time you are on holiday, tell yourself it’s okay to leave the camera in the bag. Take photos of things that truly stir your feelings and senses. If you try and snap everything, it will leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. Be selective of what you want in your shots and you’ll notice the difference in the quality of photos you take.

Stick to these simple steps and you should be on your way to taking amazing travel photos. It isn’t that hard, just follow your heart and eyes. All the best!

The best camera is the one you have with you.

bromo tour

Get to know these beautiful travellers who take travel photos that are just as beautiful. Reem Shahwa and Vivian from MissHappyFeet.


Any other handy tips for those amazing travel photos? Let us know in the comment section below.