We travel to take a break from daily routine, to find some zen and to have a good time. For some, the idea of a holiday involves lazing by the beach or going shopping. But if you are one of those who crave the loving embrace of Mother Nature, you would have the trip of your life with these animals. Here’s our pick of 5 holidays for animal lovers in Asia.


1 Bunnies in Japan

You might have heard of the cat island in Japan. If you’re not a cat person, then go to Okunoshima Island for some hare-standing action! Just google Okunoshima and you will get what we are talking about. This island in the East Sea of Japan is home to hundreds of wild rabbits that roam freely. The island also has a golf course, camp sites and beaches.

We have yet to go there ourselves, but this video of a “rabbit stampede” might just make us book our flights now!


2 Rescued animals in Thailand

If you’re shaking your head from all the awful stories about the “tiger sanctuaries” and the “elephant sanctuaries” in Thailand. The WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre is different and is making a difference. The Wildlife Friends Foundation rescues maltreated wild animals and care for sick and disabled animals. There are volunteer programs for you to join or book a day visit. The fees you pay will be channeled toward supporting the Centre, so even if you’re not volunteering, you will be doing your part in saving the animals.


WFFT slow loris

Image from WFFT


3 Elephants in Peninsular Malaysia

Still on the topic of saving endangered animals, drop by Malaysia’s Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary for a day with Asian Elephants. It is a sanctuary for disabled and injured elephants. A day at Kuala Gandah will see you bathing baby elephants and feeding them. Other informative activities include video screening and gallery viewing. They also have a volunteer program that stretches out a full day for a closer look at how the elephants are cared for at the Centre.

Here’s a quick look at our experience with these majestic animals.


4 Tigers and rhinos in Nepal

Chitwan jungle safari is easily one of the best wildlife-viewing national parks in Asia. Here, the Bengal tiger and Indian rhinoceros are well protected. Their numbers have substantially recovered due to the efforts of the park, and that is why your visit is important. There have been debates about the elephant rides as one of the main ways to experience the safari. It is a popular and safe method, and there are strict regulations imposed to ensure the well being of these elephants. It is a balancing act of involving the elephants in the conservation. The risk of tigers and rhinos going extinct is very real, so the elephant rides and the revenues made from it are paramount to the efforts of protecting these fragile species. Here is a good read on the dilemma to help you understand better.


Chitwan national park safari

Chitwan national park safari

5 Giant pandas in China

Be prepared to be overwhelmed with the cuteness of these black and white bears at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Its park is open for visitors all year round. Watch pandas eating, playing and even watch mommy pandas nursing their cubs in the nursery rooms.

We all love a good story, and this is a great panda story because more of them are welcomed to this world.


Are you an animal lover as well? Share with us your top picks for a holiday the comment section below.